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Find A Goodwill Attended Donation Centre Near You:

Items We Accept

The following donation centres are designed for your convenience. Just pull up in your car and a Goodwill employee will greet you within 10 seconds and will unload your donations for you.

Items We Accept Items We Do Not Accept
  • clothing 
  • shoes 
  • jewellery & other accessories 
  • electronics 
  • e-waste 
  • cameras 
  • small appliances 
  • housewares 
  • linens 
  • art 
  • area rugs 
  • furniture 
  • paperback and hard cover books 
  • antiques and collectibles 
  • CDs 
  • cassettes 
  • videos DVDs 
  • sporting goods 
  • tools 
  • toys 
  • games 
  • TVs
  • stereos
  • computers 
  • suitcases 
  • artificial plants

It is hard to say, "No, thank you" to a donation since this is what our organization depends on. Unfortunately, Goodwill cannot accept some items for reasons which include safety hazards, inability to repair items, and garbage disposal fees.

  • used mattresses or water beds 
  • electric or kerosene heaters 
  • paint or paint thinners 
  • flammable materials 
  • car batteries or any other corrosive materials 
  • used tires 
  • large appliances 
  • microwaves 
  • building materials (bathroom fixtures) 
  • baby cribs 
  • child seat/car seat 
  • high chairs 
  • pianos/organs 
  • metal desks 
  • large desks 
  • exercise equipment


  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • service canada
  • sting
  • Libro
  • fd
  • tricounty
  • Lyndon
  • Firefighters
  • Selectpath
  • leadwave
  • Aubi
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